National Groomer Association of Canada


For this voluntary code to be fully effective, those involved in the care and handling of dogs and puppies should accept and adopt the recommendations of the Code;
A) Code of Practice for Canadian Kennel Operations
B) NGAC Codicil for Grooming Table Safety Guidelines.

These are the most important guidelines that govern the safety of an animal on a grooming table.

1.    Table should be in good condition; Plywood table top should not be exposed and should be completely covered with rubber footing.

2.    Ensure that all electrical functions are operating correctly. Any electrical malfunctions should be repaired immediately.

3.    Ensure towels are placed on Electric Tables when blow drying a wet dog, to prevent any moisture or water to get into electric components.

4.    Electrical table cords should be placed in a safe location, preferably behind the table and out of reach, so that there is no tripping over cords.

5.    Clipper cords, blower cords, should never be draped over the table, should always be placed behind the table or arranged so that is away from the reach of an animal and not a tripping hazard.

6.    Table should be placed on a level surface, or table feet should be adjusted to ensure stability, if table has castors, locks should be applied when commencing a grooming session.

7.    A quick release noose should be attached to the animal’s neck before the animal is placed on the table.

8.    Electrical or Hydraulic Tables should be lowered to its maximum level to prepare for the application of placing the animal on the table.

9.     Animal should be led to the table.

10.    Animal should not be encouraged to jump, but placed on the table by both lifting the dog or place the front feet up onto the table top and then boosting the dog from the rear end.

11.     With quick release noose already attached to dog, clip and secure dog to the grooming arm.

12.    Recommended to use a two point restraining method while the animal is retained on the grooming table and during the entire grooming session.

       a) a second quick release noose should be used to support and secure the dog around the waist.

       b) before applying a waist quick release noose, a support wrap of sheepskin should be applied to the noose to cushion and protect the underbelly of the animal. Alternative protection can be used however ensure that it is safe and will protect the underbelly of the animal.  Any device that leaves a mark on the underbelly of the animal is deemed unsafe.

13.    On a conventional grooming table with one arm, the waist quick release noose should be attached to the bottom of the clip attached to the neck noose.  These clips are swivel clips.  This action allows the animal to turn without tangling and secures the animal on the table without fear of falling.  The waist noose can be detached when working around the waist or back side of the animal, however must be reattached into position when not working on the animal to ensure the animal cannot fall or jump off.

14.    On a Viper Grooming Table the Quick Release Waist Noose can be attached to any of the three rings available on the grooming arm.  An upside down V formation, a)  neck noose attached to one ring and the waist noose attached to the bottom of the neck noose clip will ensure an upside down v formation and allow the pet to turn comfortably without falling or jumping off.

15.    Place unused scissors, clippers, nail clippers, dematters in a drawer provided by the table or a tool station located next to your table, to prevent injury to the animal during the grooming session.

16.    Upon releasing the animal from the table, the table should be lowered to the maximum level.  The waist strap should be released first, then release the neck noose from the grooming arm, cradle the animal and slowly both lift and lead the animal gently onto the floor.

17.     Place the finished animal in an appropriate sized crate.

18.    Sanitize the table at the end of each session.

19.    At no time should a groomer leave a pet alone on a grooming table.  Pet should be placed on the floor attached to a wall hitch, or placed in a crate if unattended.