National Groomer Association of Canada

Careers in the Pet Stylist Industry

As a fully train pet stylist, your career opens the door to not only pet grooming, but also your knowledge and skill levels allows you to seek out careers in many different industries that supply the pet grooming world.

Levels within the grooming industry

  • Bather
  • Assistant Groomer
  • Junior Groomer
  • Intermediate Groomer
  • Professional pet Stylist
  • Enhanced Scissor Stylist
  • Teacher Assistant
  • Instructor
  • Master Instructor

Opportunities that may also be considered are:

  • Sales staff for the pet retail industry
  • Sales staff for the wholesaling industry
  • Sales staff for the manufacturing industry
  • Website design and App development
  • Animal artificial intelligence and robotic
  • Pet animal behavior research
  • Intake technician within a veterinarian clinic or grooming salon
  • Photography
  • Animal fashion design
  • Sales in pharmaceuticals
  • Suppling to the medical field
  • Medical industry
  • Sales of equipment and tools to the pet industry