National Groomer Association of Canada

The National Groomer Association of Canada is  a Federal Non-Profit organization that represents all branches of the animal/pet industry.  Our goal is to connect passionate groomers and animal care givers from coast to coast; advocating ethical grooming and treating animals with respect, promoting work place health and safety, encourages and supports continuing education.

Vision Statement:  To be recognized by the Public as a leading organization in the pet grooming industry; having full empathy and offering for the animals that we attend to.

Mission Statement:

The National Groomer Association of Canada is committed to the practice of pet grooming for the purpose of improving the quality of life through the education and promotion of professionalism of all pet groomers, animal care technicians and those in the pet care industry.

  • promotes public awareness of the role and qualifications of the Professional  Pet Groomer
  • protects the general public by ensuring the competency and ethical conduct of those identified as members of the association
  • promotes and enhances the knowledge, skill and proficiency of its members in all matters relating to the profession of animal care and pet grooming
  • create a fellowship of Pet Groomers and Animal Care Technicians coast to coast
  • create a fellowship of Business Owners and Manufacturers with Pet Groomers and Animal Care Technicians coast to coast.
  • participates in programs to facilitate, aid and promote the education of those wishing to become Professional Pet Groomers
  • works together with other related professions to achieve mutually beneficial relationships
  • understanding of its commitment to the clients we serve, to each other, and to society as written in its vision, mission, core values, principles and philosophy statements
  • politically active both Provincially and Federally in laws that will protect the welfare of all pet companion animals
  • advocating for respectful treatment for all persons and pet companions including safety, competence, individual rights, fairness.
  • exclusively devoted to representing and advancing the interests of the groomers all across Canada working closely with government authorities, regulators, and non-governmental bodies in Canada