National Groomer Association of Canada

NGAC has been working for years on bringing all groomers under one governing body to be recognized as a Profession, allowing for all groomers and pet grooming businesses to be registered as practitioners, elevating  groomers to a higher level in animal safety skills. This will offer the public and all pet owners increased consumer confidence and above all animal safety and care when they are entrusted to a groomer/business for animal pet grooming.

a)  uniting members of the animal pet grooming profession and promoting the character and status of the profession, supporting ethical business practices, considering questions of professional usage and courtesy among members of the profession;

b)  promoting the health and safety for all groomers with improvement of the qualifications and standards of the profession;

c)  sharing information for the mutual benefit of the members;

d)  to represent the members and present their views to other 
associations and government and regulatory agencies;

e)  to work with government agencies to develop quality assurance procedures that can be endorsed by government.