National Groomer Association of Canada

April 2nd,2021

Collen Zuber, owner of Muddy Paws in the Guild
Licensed Groomer of Achievement
Licensed Master Instructor

Colleen is a veteran in the art of Animal Styling and has been very successful running her operation of Muddy Paws in the Guild for 24 years in the city of Scarborough.

Communicating the art of grooming by forms of Multi Media is comes natural to Colleen and she loves to share all of her knowledge and expertise with all Members of NGAC. Collen is a volunteer with the NGAC has is an expert in handling our Multi Media on Facebook and Twitter.

She is all so a master at handling some of the more difficult animals with her "Tender Touch" and love for all of the four legged animals that come to her. Her business style is relaxed and comfortable.

Colleen has been an active member of NGAC since its inception and the Association appreciates all that she does for us and the animal world at large.

Lesley Weeks, owner of Pampered Paws Ltd, & Director of NGAC
Licensed Master Instructor

Renowned for her unique teaching style, Lesley Weeks is a much sought-after educator who thrives on discovering new methods and techniques to share with her participants. A professional, dedicated to continuous learning, she is constantly searching and learning new methods of animal hair design, and has channeled her creative energies into better animal grooming throughout her career.

Lesley Weeks is a consummate professional, with over 45 years of experience in the Professional Animal World of Dog and Cat Grooming. Over thirty-five years of these have been dedicated to teaching and sharing her knowledge with Stylists across the Pet Care Industry, and Professional Dog and Cat Show Handlers. A leading educator, and award-winning artist in her own right, Lesley has traveled  extensively throughout Europe, the United States and Canada, monitoring new trends, techniques and styles.

Lesley Weeks is energetic and insightful. She began her career in animals earlier than most, inspired by her grandfather, who raised Airedales, and her Aunt, who owned the Golden Eagle Riding Academy in Pennsylvania. Lesley is a life time member of the Canadian Kennel Club and has been a member since 1969. As a Licensed Master Instructor; she has the ability to motivate her audiences to extraordinary new levels of creativity and inspiration. Over 500 pet stylists each year leave her schools; each with a unique blend of sidesplitting humor and outrageously innovative cutting techniques. Lesley also continues to groom many Show Dogs and Cats each year, to "Breed Standard", for the show ring. She breeds and exhibits Standard and Miniature Schnauzers, under the pre-fix "CAIX", which is also registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. Breeder and owner of four "Best-In-Show" dogs. Four of which, are multiple "Best-in-Show" winners! A feat that is not easily attained! Her all time winning male Standard Schnauzer, "Gusto", who passed away in 1996, is still producing Champion offspring, from the sperm, that has been professionally stored in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. This sperm was collected back in 1988, long before the Sperm Banks were popular for Top Winning Animals.

Lesley is a founding member of the National Groomer Association of Canada, which started in March 2012. She has been an ongoing force leading groomers to unite and to establish themselves as a profession.

She is currently a director of NGAC.

Eggie Feng, franchisee of Pampered Paws Mississauga, President & Director of NGAC
Licensed Groomer of Achievement
Licensed Master Instructor

Eggie is a bright, energetic, fun loving and caring person who passionately loves her work and career as a Licensed Instructor and pet stylist.

She has been involve in pet grooming industry for over 20 years.

She grew up in Southern China and has always been an animal lover. Her beloved pets there included a Shar Pei, mixed breed cats and cold-water fish. After completing her university degree at Jinan University in Guangzhou, she took a position in an insurance company as a computer programmer and worked solely with computers for three years. She decided that working with computers for 8 hours a day was no fun! Being adventurous, she decided to move to Canada and explore opportunities here. Happily, she found a position working in a pet store and started an apprenticeship-learning program, which she eagerly followed. Eggie never stopped seeking ways to perfect her skill and techniques. When her training was completed and when it was time to move on, she took a position as the head groomer for Franchise Pet Grooming Company. Her training did not stop, she continued her studies at Pampered Paws™, and completed an Advanced Scissoring Program many years ago... Eggie went on to become one of the most popular stylists in the Mississauga and surrounding area.

With her many years of grooming experience,  she works toward achieving excellence for herself and helping others reach their goals.

In the year 2020, Eggie has taken over the role of president of the NGAC, and brings with her all of her knowledge and skills to the association.

Eggie's Canadian dream has become reality! She believes that no matter where you are from, what language you speak, what you did before, that once you decide on a path for your future and follow it with devotion, strong guidance, you will succeed.

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